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How To Cheat Clash Royale

How To Cheat Clash Royale


Gems are used to open chests quicker in Clash Royale. You can purchase more gems from the Shop if you find yourself in short supply and unable to open chests immediately. If you are playing for free, then you want to save every gem you obtain and not waste them on opening opening common chests prematurely.ClashRoyaleHackMod.com

You also don’t want to spend extra gems on chests from the Shop itself, mainly because you aren’t guarenteed good loot each time you open them. They may open up immediately when you spend the gems, but if clash royale you don’t get anything you want out of them its a complete waste. Gems can take a long time to obtain if you don’t purchase them in bulk form the Shop, so you want to hold on to them as much as possible.

When you do decide to spend some of your gems, your best bet is to either use 500 Gems on 10,000 Gold (to use towards buying other cards from the Shop with Gold), or on Chests you obtain when try now you can’t gain anymore from the Arenas. This will help you keep new chests coming from the arena and allow you more chances to get new cards, while simultaneously saving a boatload of gems.

Opening the chests with gems can also be cost efficient when you wait some time before they unlock on their own, where the cost to open them will go down drastically. Sometimes you can open a chest with an hour wait time for only a few gems, which is much better than spending more than 30 to do so earlier.…